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Actions against the police

Actions against the police

Have you been the victim of a wrongful arrest and/or a malicious prosecution? Has excessive force been used upon you? Have you experienced poor conduct from the Police? With any of these, we can assist to establish whether you may be entitled to compensation.

Regrettably, Police misconduct is not uncommon and the often daunting prospect of ‘suing the Police’ can be made much easier with us by your side every step of the way in order to assist in obtaining the best outcome for you.

Here at Irvings, we have been serving clients for over thirty years and in that time we have helped thousands and thousands receive the highest possible amount of compensation in their often sensitive, severe and complex claims. You, like all of these other previous clients, can easily trust us to effectively deal with your case and bring it against the Police to the highest expected standard.

So, what options are open to you?

You can seek any or all of the following:

  • Disciplinary action against a specific Police Officer,
  • A formal apology from the Chief Constable, and/or
  • Compensation for the mistreatment that you have received.


Are you eligible?

All you need to know is that if you feel that you have been subject to Police mistreatment, you can commence an action against them for that wrongdoing.

Here at Irvings, we do not represent clients using Legal Aid which is often very difficult to obtain in these types of cases anyway. Instead, we act on a ‘no win, no fee’ agreement which is further evidence of our already strong incentive to help you ‘beat the Police’ because if you don’t win, we don’t get paid.

Examples of claims

We can help in situations such as:

  • Wrongful Arrest/False Imprisonment
  • Assault/Battery (including Police dog bites)
  • Malicious Prosecution
  • Gross Negligence
  • Misfeasance in Public Office (commonly known as ‘abuse of power’ by the Police)
  • Unlawful Stop and Search
  • Trespass to Property
  • Breach of Human Rights
  • Breach of Data Protection / Misuse of Personal Information
  • Deletion of your biometrical data (DNA/fingerprints)

Twitter Feed

#Shocking that ‘appropriate #boundaries’ have to be laid down for #Police #Officers about their #conduct/#relationship with #domestic #violence #victims. Those victims need to be #supported through a very #difficult time and #professionalism is key; not #sexual #gratification

Police Oracle@Police_Oracle

Force lays down law of 'appropriate boundaries' as officers face misconduct hearing over sex claims: Chief inspector also accused of intimate liaison with domestic abuse victim.

Another #example of why #armed #Police #Officers can be a #massive #danger to the #public. Yes, the Police are there to #protect us but
#stressful #jobs + #stretched #resources = #increased #likelihood of #mistakes being made like what has #happened here.


Police Oracle@Police_Oracle

'Officer unintentionally shot man after report of woman held in pub': Inquiry launched after force makes urgent plea for 'captive caller' to get in touch.

#Mental #health #detainees need to be given increased #duty of #care by #Custody #Officers. Yet, 5 have participated in breaching that duty and its resulted in another #death in custody that could’ve been avoided. #Training needed.


Martin Buhagiar@Martin_Buhagiar

Five officers involved in the detention of a mentally-ill musician who died in custody have failed in their bid to have misconduct cases against them thrown out.

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Case Study

Following a complaint being lodged, a Merseyside police officer harassed one of my previous clients. Whilst on duty, the officer involved was caught on my client’s home CCTV parked in his marked vehicle outside my client’s address for thirteen minutes despite the officer having no operational reason to be there. The officer only decided to leave the area when my client’s wife came out of the property and noticed him parked there.

Following a further complaint being lodged, my client’s complaint was upheld with Merseyside Police concluding the officer’s conduct was oppressive and constituted harassment. The officer tried to claim that he had stopped to fill out paperwork on a separate matter despite him previously admitting that he knew that the address where he had parked belonged to my client who had already lodged a complaint against him.

Due to the officer’s conduct, a claim for compensation was brought against Merseyside Police of breach for human rights. Despite my client’s complaint being upheld it was frustrating that Merseyside Police’s legal team decided to not formally admit liability or offer any settlement compensation. This meant that my client’s only recourse was to issue court proceedings which ultimately proceeded all the way to a fully contested trial in which my client eventually won.

How can I get started?

There are three ways to get the ball rolling:

Option 1: Complete the form at the top or the bottom of this page.
Option 2: Call us on 0151 475 1999 where you can speak directly to Matt who is head of our specialist team.
Option 3: Email Matt directly at

Upon receipt of your enquiry, Matt will assess the merits of your case and if sufficient, ‘no win, no fee’ terms will be offered and discussed to you in more detail. Once you have signed and returned the initial paperwork, Matt will then immediately take the first step in your fight against the police for the mistreatment that you have received.

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