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Compensation claims Liverpool

Our History

In the beginning

Compensation claims Liverpool: Irvings Solicitors humble beginning started 30 years ago when Stephen Irving opened a small, high street office in Anfield. The firm’s main goal was serving the needs of the community. Stephen worked in conveyancing, housing, and legal aid law including divorce and welfare benefits.

Early expansion

The small, successful practice grew and in 1997 an office in Liverpool’s city centre was opened. Anne Irving, Stephen’s wife and partner, operated the city office while Stephen remained in Anfield. It was also at that time current Irvings partners Tim Ryan and Ian Kyle joined the firm; the staff growing to 20 members.

Common goals and collaboration

In early 2000 Tim Ryan and Ian Kyle became partners at Irvings and operational changes were made to better serve their clients. The firm took on personal injury cases and started specialising in that area; no longer doing work in the areas of housing or legal aid.

The values and philosophy that drives Irvings today came about at this time. Through his legal work in Australia, Tim advocated for a collaborative approach for Irvings where solicitors would work together and learn from each other. It meant creating a community inside the firm; meeting one morning a week to discuss cases and speak of successes and issues. Knowing who was involved in litigations allowed others to learn from more experienced people in the practice and solicitors could gain insight and knowledge from each other.

Nurturing talent

Irvings wanted to differentiate ourselves from other providers; this was done in two ways. We wanted the personal injury cases we took on to have good people on the cases and working with clients. Thus began Irvings programme for trainee solicitors. The idea was to train solicitors with the goal of learning what we feel litigation should be all about; the client. Putting the client first, making sure we do the best job we could for them while trying to move the case along as expeditiously as possible; always with the goal of getting the best outcome for the client. Our trainee solicitors learn this from day one when they start at Irvings.

Client-centred philosophy

Secondly, we wanted our processes to be different in terms of handling cases. Most personal injury firms deal with cases in a processed and systematic way. Instead of an individualised approach, it is stream-lined process where clients are serviced by teams of file handlers who are supervised by solicitors. With this approach, the client may not know who is acting for them or get the attention we feel they deserve. Irvings approach is personal; our clients deal directly with their solicitors throughout their claim, from start to finish.

Foundations for the future

Irvings has now grown to over 50 employees including 16 solicitors and a range of trainees, legal secretaries and administrators. We continue to work collaboratively; discussing issues, themes and continue to put the client’s needs at the forefront of everything we do. Our clients get the best value and we make sure they are advocated for and supported as much as possible. Irvings strength is its people. We work as a team and help each other; with the same common goal – getting the best outcome for our clients.

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freephone: 0800 954 0243
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