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Slip/Trip Claims

Slip/Trip Claims

Compensation for slips and trips Liverpool: Slip and trip type claims are very common and something that we come across on a regular basis. Often these types of accidents seem initially innocuous, but the aftermath of these accidents can be debilitating. If you are a visitor to somebody else’s premises such as a supermarket, and you slip due to a wet substance on the floor or trip, then you may have a claim under the Occupiers Liability Act 1957.

We have also seen a lot of claims due to people falling on pavements or roads due to potholes and other defects. If you have been injured in this way, you may be entitled to compensation if the defect was found to be dangerous and the local council did not spot it and repair it.

Examples of slip/trips

  • Slipping claims in supermarkets
  • Tripping claims on council pavements and roads
  • Tripping claims on private car parks
  • Slipping claims in shops
  • Slipping claims in pubs and nightclubs

Are you eligible?

You are probably wondering if you have a potential claim. If the accident was not your fault or only partly your fault, then you may have a claim and due to this you may be entitled to compensation. We are very experienced in dealing with claims like this, and we would be happy to discuss this further with you. We can claim for your personal injury as well as other losses you have incurred such as travel expenses or loss of earnings and can advise you if we believe you have a claim, and what the next steps in your case are.

Why contact Irvings?

  • We offer FREE initial advice.
  • No financial risk for you with our no-win-no-fee promise.
  • We have fully qualified solicitors who specialise in slip and trip claims.
  • You’ll pay absolutely nothing if we lose.
  • You will keep a minimum of 75% of any compensation if you win.
  • We arrange for you to see a doctor near to you to obtain a medical report on your injury.
  • We can arrange for physiotherapy, counselling or other treatment if necessary.
  • We make a claim for compensation for your injury and to recover financial loss you may have suffered as a result of the accident.

 Case Study

Mary was on holiday and was walking from her caravan to the car park in the night. The path was not lit and there was a large boulder encroaching on it. She tripped over the boulder and broke her arm. Upon contacting Irvings, we felt due to the inadequate lighting and having an obstruction on the path that the owners of the caravan park were liable. We litigated on Mary’s behalf and settled her case for £3000.

Have a question for Damien?

Damien Gill, one of our specialists in personal injury, is a good starting place to assess and discuss your case and to get things moving with claiming the compensation to which you may be entitled. You can contact him directly using the details below

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freephone: 0800 954 0243
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