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Devon & Cornwall Police Use Incorrect Address to Summons Person


Mr Matthew McConville, Head of Irvings Law’s specialist Data Breach Department, has successfully represented Andrew Hopkins in a claim for compensation against Devon & Cornwall Police.

Mr Hopkins received a telephone call from a member of Devon & Cornwall Police alleging that he had missed a Court Hearing and so there was a warrant out for his arrest. However, the Summons requiring Mr Hopkins’ Court attendance had not been received by him and had in fact been sent to an incorrect address completely despite the Police having Mr Hopkins’ correct postal address on their systems. In response to his complaint, Devon & Cornwall Police admitted that there had been a breach as a result of human error whereupon the warrant to arrest was set aside. This did not alleviate Mr Hopkins’ fears that he would be arrested nor his concerns about a stranger now possessing information pertaining about him and a criminal charge.


Given the above, Mr Hopkins approached specialist Data Breach Solicitors, Irvings Law, for assistance. Mr McConville immediately acknowledged that what happened was completely wrong and without hesitation, offered to act for Mr Hopkins by way of “no win, no fee” presenting a claim to Devon & Cornwall Police on the basis his human rights to privacy were breached as well as GDPR following this misuse of private information.


After presenting the claim, Devon & Cornwall Police surprisingly refused to deal with Mr Hopkins’ claim without him issuing/serving Court proceedings and after which, they then wished to settle Mr Hopkins’ claim. Shortly after this willingness, an agreement was reached in the sum of £4,250.00 plus the payment of his legal costs.

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