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Horse Riding Injuries

Horse riding injury claims

When riding or working with horses, accidents caused by someone else’s negligence can happen. Horse riding injuries can be very serious and even life threatening from broken bones to spinal injuries and brain damage. If you have been injured, speak with us about a claim for compensation.

Examples of horse riding injuries

  • Riders involved in an accident with a vehicle; cars passing too closely leading to the horse being spooked
  • Injuries suffered during horse riding lessons
  • Injuries from working on a farm or in stables
  • Being kicked, bitten or trampled by a horse
  • Sport spectator injuries
  • Defective riding equipment (saddles, bridles, reins, riding helmet)
  • Being given a horse to ride that has a bad temperament
  • Low flying aircraft’s; planes flying too low leading to the horse being spooked

Are you eligible?

Even if you are careful and take precautions, accidents and injuries can occur that are not your fault. If you’ve sustained injuries through someone else’s negligence whilst horse riding, you may be entitled to compensation.

Why contact Irvings?

  • Irvings Partner Ian Kyle is a horse riding enthusiast with two children involved in the sport. As an experienced equestrian, he understands the community of horse riders and the injuries riders can get because of someone else’s negligence.
  • We offer a FREE initial meeting.
  • We’ll come and visit you for a chat if you can’t make it to our office.
  • No financial risk for you with our no-win-no-fee promise.
  • Insurance protection against all legal costs or disbursements.
  • We have fully qualified solicitors who specialise in horse riding injury claims.
  • You’ll pay absolutely nothing if we lose.
  • You will keep a minimum of 75% of any compensation if you win.

Case Study

Leah was on a trek when she had an unfortunate horse riding incident. Prior to the ride starting she did confirm that although she was a competent rider, she had not been on a horse for over a year and specifically requested a calm horse be given to her. She also filled in a rider declaration form confirming the same. Nevertheless Leah was given a skittish horse which had not been ridden for a number of weeks and during the course of the trek the horse tried to throw her off on a number of occasions.

On each occasion the she reported this to the instructor who was with the party but nothing was done. Riding the horse remained difficult with it trying to pull out of the riding line, and ended with it bolting, Leah losing her seat, striking her head, neck and shoulders as a result. Liability remained denied throughout the case but the claim settled for £5,500.

Have a question for Ian?

Irvings Partner Ian Kyle is Irvings horse-riding enthusiast and has the knowledge and experience to speak with you about your potential horse riding injury claim.

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