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Stephen Irving 1952 -2019

Our founding Partner passed away on Sunday 13.10.2019 peacefully in his sleep and on his terms after a six-year fight with cancer. He leaves behind a loving wife, nine children, twelve grandchildren, three sisters a brother and many, many friends.

A resourceful driven businessman he was never shy of graft, demonstrated by the range of jobs from steelworks to taxi driving before lawyering.  He owned a golf driving range and subsequently even served as a secretary to Liverpool Ramblers Football club (LRAFC) for ten years.

He started the firm with an office in Breck Road Anfield and a secretary, he built up, over 35 years, three businesses with over one hundred staff at its peak.

He was intelligent, he read widely and avidly.  He loved music and was a good musician.  He loved sport, a lifelong Liverpool supporter he was always confident they would win handsomely no matter who they played.  He loved skiing too and if not on the slopes was often plotting his next trip to the snow.  He was proud of his circus ancestry and Liverpool roots and was never one to stand still even up to the end he was suggesting new areas of work for the firm to pursue.

At work he was thoughtful, calm, robust, tenacious and ever resourceful. He was great to have on your side and a formidable opponent.  He was a great boss sponsoring foreign trips for staff, for example the whole firm toured Europe, several times, to watch the firm’s five-a-side football team!

He was also great fun, a storyteller, a lover of fine things such as good food especially on warm plates and the best of champagne, in part because he firmly believed its consumption exempted you from hangovers.

His sporting achievements were more formidable than you might expect, a good skier, capable footballer, nimble tennis player he was also a ‘world champion’ boules player and fisherman, sometimes in the same year, according to the LRAFC, at least.

He was as positive in his passing as he was in his life, he directed no sadness only celebration.

He will be cremated at the Landican Cemetery at Arrowe Park , CH49 5LW on 1st November 2019 at 2.30pm, with a champagne fuelled reception to follow at the Torintone Suite at Thornton Hall Thornton Wirral.

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