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Switching Solicitors Leads to a Higher Settlement

Samba was a cyclist and spent his Saturday morning shopping in town with his mother. He had just put his mum on the bus and was going to cycle home to meet her when unfortunately, on his journey back, he was hit by a car and knocked off his bike.

Samba initially instructed another firm of solicitors to put forward a claim. About a year and a half after instructing them, the defendant’s made an offer of £12,500 to Samba. His solicitors advised him to take that offer however Samba remained adamant that he was entitled to more compensation for his injuries and the consequences of them. As he was becoming frustrated with his current solicitors, he came to Irvings for a second opinion.

We took over Samba’s claim and considered his significant injuries while valuing his claim; a fractured his shoulder and disc prolapse. In addition, Samba developed urological problems and psychological trauma. The full extent of his injuries, healing and recovery times certainly needed to be investigated further.

To get a full grasp on these injuries, we sent Samba to an orthopaedic surgeon, a psychologist and an urologist. The defendants were of a view that Samba’s injuries were not as serious as he made out and said the symptoms were down to constitutional factors (issues which are unrelated to the accident). We arranged for our medical expert to meet with the defendant’s expert in order to discuss their opinions and following negotiations, we obtained a settlement of £45,000.00 for Samba (£32,500.00 more than what his previous solicitors had advised to accept).

Samba was very satisfied with the result and glad he sought out a second opinion. This is just one example of how clients who are unhappy with their solicitors have come to Irvings and obtained a result that their previous solicitors thought was impossible. If you are in this situation and would like to speak with us call 0800 954 0243.

 May Lee
Associate, Irvings Law


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