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Cycling Injury

Cycling Injuries

Careless driving compensation Liverpool: Cycling is a popular activity done for sport, commuting and health. With it becoming more popular, the likeliness of being involved in an accident increases. Careless motor vehicle operation can lead to collisions or crashes. Injuries can be minor or severe and no matter what the case, Irvings can be here to support you in your claim.

Examples of Cycling Injuries

  • Motor vehicle collision
  • Vehicles driving too closely causing injury or accident
  • Spills on the roadway
  • Potholes or other road damage

Are you eligible?

If you’ve received an injury due to the negligence of someone else’s actions such as careless driving or failure to repair road damage, you may have a claim. Contact Irvings to discuss your potential careless driving compensation and how we can get you compensation for your injuries.

Why contact Irvings?

  • Irvings Partner Tim Ryan is a cycling enthusiast who understands the injuries cyclists can suffer from.
  • We offer a FREE initial meeting.
  • We’ll come and visit you for a chat if you can’t make it to our office.
  • No financial risk for you with our no-win-no-fee promise.
  • Insurance protection against all legal costs or disbursements.
  • We have fully qualified solicitors who specialise in cycling injury claims.
  • You’ll pay absolutely nothing if we lose.
  • You will keep a minimum of 75% of any compensation if you win.

Case Studies

Liam was on his way home from work, cycling in the cycle lane when the defendant opened his car door into the lane, causing Liam to suffer a laceration to his shoulder. He didn’t bring forth the claim right away, but after a couple of years when it became clear that he was left with a permanent, prominent scar. The defendants admitted the accident occurred but alleged that the client was not injured and they cited his time delay in bringing the claim as an issue.

The matter went all the way to trial and the claimant proved his case, the judge found him to be an honest and reliable witness, and awarded him £8042.35 in compensation at trial. The Judge also criticised the defendants for their conduct as they had taken the case all the way to trial even with a photo that showed the extent of the injury, time-stamped the day following the accident.

Have a question for Tim?

Tim Ryan, one of Irvings partners, is an avid cyclist who can speak with you directly about your potential cycling injury claim.

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freephone: 0800 954 0243
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