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Digital World: Trust and Data Protection

Digital World: Trust and Data Protection

Damage to reputation

Businesses’ reputations can be easily tarnished for a number of reasons, recently we are seeing a rise in data breaches which are having a negative impact. In line with this, regulators are now expanding their regulations in order to protect individuals and offer them even more control over their own data. This can be seen in the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) This applies to all organisations that offer goods or services in the EU, and must be complied with or strict penalties will be enforced.

This has a huge impact on how businesses gather and process data from consumers, meaning data privacy is now at the forefront of most businesses’ minds. They must be constantly monitoring and updating their systems to maintain public trust and ensure that they are in line with regulations. In turn this avoids fines, making the headlines for the wrong reasons and maintains trust.

Protecting data

There are numerous tips and guidance online, readily available to businesses. See below a couple of examples:

  • Identity governance solutions should be introduced to monitor and control who has access to data and when.
  • Strong security measures to help prevent data breaches should be implemented. They are essential to protect data contained in IT infrastructures.

Further, below is one example of what to look out for when ensuring the safety of your personal information:

  • A pre checked box can make it difficult to unsubscribe or take back your consent. When using a website, consumers should always have full control over their personal information.



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