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HM Passport Office Data Breach

HM Passport Office Data Breach


Mr. Damien Gill, Senior Associate, recently represented two clients in respect a data breach against HM Passport Office. The clients in question (who would like to remain anonymous) had an old passport and marriage certificate sent to the incorrect person and they in turn received this other person’s old passport and marriage certificate. Clearly, a lot of sensitive and private information was inadvertently sent to the wrong people.

Representation & Resolution

Following the incident in question, the clients got in contact with data protection specialists, Irvings Law. Mr Gill accepted this case without hesitation and advanced a claim on behalf of the said clients under the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). It was also alleged that there had been a breach of their human rights, their confidence and a misuse of their private information.

In response to the claim, HM Passport Office accepted that the data breach had occurred and they accepted liability. Following discussions between the parties, the cases settled for £3000 in total and the Defendant also agreed to pay each clients’ legal costs too. Our clients were very happy to have matters resolved and they are hopeful that a mistake like this will not happen again in the future to anybody else.

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