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A Collision Leads to Injuries & a Disrupted Vacation

A Collision Leads to Injuries & a Disrupted Vacation

In July 2016, two vehicles were street racing when one of them hit an unsuspecting car from behind… The vehicle sustained damage and our two clients, Julie and her husband who were in the car, were left with injuries due to the force of impact.

We were approached by Julie and her husband shortly after the accident in August 2016, after they had returned from a pre-booked holiday that was disrupted due to Julie’s injuries.

Right away we set to securing an admission of liability and had Julie medically examined by September. She had injuries to her neck and back and also travel anxiety; all expected to resolve approximately 14 months after the accident. Fault was admitted but the defendants made an offer of £2,900 to settle; an offer that we felt was far too low and on our advice Julie rejected it.

The claim then proceeded to a final hearing, which she did not have to attend. After presenting our case, the evidence to support it and taking into consideration her injuries and recovery time, the judge made an award of £6,000 to Julie. She was also given £300 to pay for physiotherapy and £250 as additional compensation for loss of enjoyment of her holiday In total, Julie was awarded more than double the defendant’s initial low offer.

This injury claim was resolved in under eight months and Julie was very happy with the result.

Proceeding to a hearing if an insufficient offer is made may sound daunting, but with our support and advice, the outcome of that hearing can be more beneficial in getting you the proper compensation for your injuries. Your personal injury solicitor represents you at every step of the claims process and will be there to advise on the best course of action for your case. If you would like to discuss making a personal injury claim, give us a call at 0800 954 0243.

Lee Wall
Solicitor, Irvings Law



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