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Pressure Ulcer Medical Negligence Claims on the Rise

Pressure Ulcers – What are they?

Pressure ulcers can be severe injuries and, if they occur during a patient’s stay in a hospital or nursing home, are sadly often caused by medical negligence.

Pressure ulcers are injuries to the skin and underlying tissue, primarily caused by prolonged pressure on the skin. Patients who are at higher risk for developing pressure ulcers are the elderly, those with limited mobility, and those who are not properly monitored or regularly repositioned by care staff. Nursing staff in hospitals or care homes should be aware of the signs of developing pressure ulcers with regular risk assessments carried out.

Medical Negligence

Pressure ulcers are also commonly referred to as bed sores however we find this term underplays the serious nature of the injuries that we have dealt with and obtained compensation in relation to. Injuries as a result of pressure ulcers can be devastating and lead to many serious complications such as osteomyelitis (bone infection).

An Increase of Inquiries

Recently at Irvings Law, we have identified an increased number of complaints regarding the development of pressure ulcers as a result of a failure to provide proper risk assessment and an appropriate care plan.

At Irvings we have specialists who can assess whether you or your loved one has a claim for the development of pressure ulcers arising in a hospital or care home. Our medical negligence team can assist with obtaining compensation for the pain and suffering experienced and organise the necessary rehabilitation and care to assist during your recovery. We understand these can be complex cases and offer sensitive, specialist advice. To speak with a member of our medical negligence team call 0800 954 0243.


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